You're nearly fluent...let's get you there!

The aim of Cappuccino is to perfect your grammatical abilities while bringing you as close to fluency as, you'll be nearly as Italian as me!

The course will be mainly held in Italian and will give you the opportunity to utilize all your skills with the emphasis being on natural, colloquial usage of spoken Italian.

Advanced vocabulary and idiomatic phrases will be a focus and students will hold conversations in Italian about various subjects about Italy, its current events and culture.

Course: Cappuccino
Skill Level: Advanced
Time: Every Thursday, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Location: Barnes and Nobles' Starbucks (Arboretum)


3327 Pineville-Matthews Road
Charlotte, NC 28277

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  • Espresso (Beginners)
    Grammar basics for first time students - learn in a fun way and start speaking Italian in no time!

  • Macchiato (Intermediate)
    Grammar and conversation. To improve on the basics and become more than just a tourist.

Friday, September 7, 2012 2:11 pm
The Festival of the Rificolona is an event in Florence where a procession of the city youth continue an old custom of carrying unusually and bizarrly shaped lanterns of colored paper on top of a cane rod.
Chiara tutored my grandson in Italian for three years... We return to Italy yearly and Italians who do not know him believe it to be his mother tongue. Comments have been made that he speaks English well for an Italian boy!
- Jane P., San Diego, CA